Word Cleaner .NET and Mono API Library/Dll

Convert Word Documents To HTML

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Latest Version 7.6.3, March 2017

Windows: .Net 2.0 required. You may have it already installed, if not Get it for XP/Vista/7 or Windows 8/10 or enable it under server role .NET Framework 3.5 Features for Windows Servers 2008/12/16.

Linux/OSX: You need the mono framework.

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Integrate into your own desktop or server based applications.

Fast Conversions

Ultra fast conversion speeds. NO GUI, just pure speed and clean code.

Full featured

All the same great features as our desktop app. Customisable templates give you full control over conversions.


Cross platform for maximum flexibility. Platform neutral? we recommend going with Windows.

How to evaluate

The API version will give you the same conversion quality as the desktop edition. To ensure Word Cleaner meets your needs first download the desktop version. Once you are happy then try the API version. There is no GUI in the API version, you create all your templates in the desktop version then copy the template you want to the Templates API folder. When you buy the API version you also get one free copy of the Business Version of the Word Cleaner desktop software worth $199, and the license also covers one deployment machine.

Install Instructions

There is no install routine, just extract the files to a folder on your machine and add reference to WCApi.dll to your solution under your development IDE (we tested it under Visual Studio 2010/13/15 on Windows and under Mono Develop on Linux/MacOs). If you need to create a custom template, you need to create your template with the desktop or online version of Word Cleaner, then copy the template file from it to the ‘Templates’ folder on the machine where your API solution is located. Also please note the API version uses our Apollo engine only for Mono API build, this means that MS Word can not be used. If you prefer to use the MS Word engine you can if Word is installed on your machine and you have to use API for Windows .NET. See more info about WC API…


The price per machine/server is $299. This price also includes 1 free copy of the Business Version of the Word Cleaner desktop software worth $199, and the license also covers 1 domain for web solutions or 1 deployment machine for other solutions (desktop apps etc). For bulk pricing contact us.