Upgrade to Word Cleaner 7 from any previous version

Your old version is probably Standard

All our great features as standard:

  World-class conversion engine

  Powerful customisable templates

  Standalone MS Word is not required

  Free support

If you have version 6 Pro choose this option

In addition to the standard features you get:

  Convert files up to 4 times faster  – use all processor cores for faster bulk conversions.

  Premium support – help with customising templates to suit your needs. Phone support if needed.

  Export to database – bulk export files & import data into a CMS.

  Replace header/footer feature – got your own custom templates? Change the header and footer sections to your own code.

  HTML before/after tags feature – need to add tracking code before the </body> tag? Add code before or after any tag of your choice.

  Command line support –  linking into your own systems and code.

  Custom C# code support – This enables you to create more powerful templates.

Choose this if you had any version before 7 and want the added Business features.

If you bought the Standard Edition, you can upgrade to the Business Edition at any-time.

You can also upgrade from any previous standard version (E.g. Word Cleaner 6).