Microsoft have released the Beta of Office 2016. You can download the Beta for free to try it out yourself.

Nothing excites a geek like me more than trying Beta software so I was eager to see what’s new.

What’s new in Word 2016?

The short answer is not much. After the install I had to go into the account screen to confirm it was actually Word 2016. It all looks identical to Word 2013. Even the official Microsoft Blog post mentions very little new features.


After a click around it seems the only obvious difference is the top bar is now dark blue.

What about saving to HTML? Any changes there?

Again it is basically the same as Word 2013. I saved some test documents to compare the HTML and it is basically identical as the previous version of Word. Still not as good as Word Cleaner 😉

The usual save as options are there...

The usual save as options are there…


The good news is Word Cleaner is completely compatible with Word 2016. The toolbar appears as normal and all works well.

Note the new dark blue ribbon

Note the new dark blue ribbon

This is an early Beta so maybe Microsoft have some exciting features planned for Word 2016. But for now there is very little to justify upgrading to Word 2016.