Our web app version of Word Cleaner is growing in popularity. People like the flexibility of converting Word to HTML from any machine and any browser. It is also a good option for Mac, Chromebook and other non-windows platforms.

To make it easier to try our service we have introduced a new free plan. There are no catches, you do not need to give any credit card details.

The Free Plan is also the perfect way to test our Web REST API service. Let us convert your documents for you. It is easy and quick to add our service to your app. We support PDF, Doc, RTF, Open Doc and other text formats.

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Word to HTML online conversion with Word Cleaner

Word to HTML online conversion with Word Cleaner

Fast and easy conversion of documents to HTML:

  • Convert docx, doc, odt, rtf, pdf and other documents to HTML/5 or plain text
  • Create your own templates to get full control over how the HTML,
    CSS and images are converted and optimised
  • Full range of built in templates to choose from and edit
  • Process HTML as needed with powerful regular expressions find and replace
  • Bulk upload/download and conversion of files
  • View converted files and edit the HTML
  • Convert and copy to clipboard for quick pasting into your CMS
  • Store files online for easy reconversion