Word Cleaner is now Doc Converter Pro

We have re-branded Word Cleaner to Doc Converter Pro. Why the change? Well originally we just converted Word files to HTML but with the latest version, we are supporting more file formats. As well as converting Word files to HTML you can now also convert PDF, rtf, open doc and other formats. So, for example, you can now batch convert Word to PDF files, or PDF to HTML. We changed the name to reflect the versatility of the product.

The latest version of our desktop product is now available for you to try at: https://documentconverter.pro

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Over the next few weeks we will be rebranding the other editions of Word Cleaner, but for now, they are still available to buy as normal:




“We use Word Cleaner to convert our Word docs to HTML and not only is it an easy program to use, but the customer support and immediate assistance has been unparalleled.”
Kirsten VerHaar, Content Editor, Ebay