The easy way to batch convert your Word & PDF documents to HTML

With just one click you can convert all your Word files (and other text formats & PDF) to HTML (or txt, CSV or epub). Powerful templates give you full control over the CSS, images, split pages, find and replace/delete code and much more. We are so confident that you will love Word Cleaner that we offer a 14-day no quibble money back guarantee.
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“We use Word Cleaner to convert our Word docs to HTML and not only is it an easy program to use, but the customer support and immediate assistance has been unparalleled.”
Kirsten VerHaar, Content Editor, Ebay


Convert from:

Word files (DOC & DOCX), open docs (ODF), RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF or any other text input file format

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Word Cleaner is the best solution for bulk converting Word files and other document formats to clean HTML

Save time by batch converting

Convert one file or thousands of files all in one, with an average conversion time of less than 1 second. MS Word does not need to be installed


Powerful templates

Gives you full control over how the HTML, CSS and images are converted and optimised


Clean valid HTML code

We generate clean standards compliant code. You can choose to export to HTML5, xHTML or HTML4

Advanced features

Export to CSV then import it to a DB/CMS, command line control to link into your own apps, server version (Windows & Linux), process HTML with custom C# code


When you convert with Word Cleaner your webpage file sizes can be up to 70% smaller than if you had saved the file to HTML directly in Word.

How Word Cleaner Works

We convert your Word files to HTML with our built in converter. You do not need to have MS Word installed. We can also convert other text based files such as Open document format (ODF), rich text format (RTF), .txt format etc. You can choose to convert to HTML 5, HTML 4, xHTML, TXT, CSV, JPG/PNG IMAGES (each page of your document is saved as an image) or ebook format (ePUB).

If you have Word 2013 or greater installed on your system you can also use Word Cleaner to convert from PDF files to HTML or any of our other output formats. If your document has very advanced features, you can choose to convert it with Word but we always recommend trying our internal converter first as it should cover most needs. Once the file is converted we then run a series of processes to clean up the HTML, control the images/CSS, find and replace code and much more.

With our powerful template system, you can create your own templates to suit your needs. For advanced users we also support regex commands and even custom C# code. Have a look at the screenshots below to view the other options available in the template editor. After we have converted the file you can then save it to your machine or copy it to your clipboard ready for pasting into another file or CMS. For maximum convenience you can also choose to convert a file directly from within MS Word by using our optional toolbar ribbon. You can also right click on a file in Windows and convert a file directly without even having to open Word Cleaner. So for example, you can right click on a file in Windows, convert it to HTML and have the code sent to your clipboard ready for pasting – all this happens in one click.

With our ultra fast conversion engine for most files the conversion process and cleaning all happens in less than a second. Download our free trial today and discover the great conversion power of Word Cleaner for yourself.

Quickly convert your files to HTML format with our easy to use interface

Word Cleaner main screen

Powerful customisable templates give you full control over your document conversions

powerful template editor

Convert a file directly from within Word

convert a file directly from within Word

Right click to convert a file. You can copy the converted HTML straight to the clipboard ready for pasting. You do not even need to open the application.

right click to convert a file