1) There are many ways to add files to the convert list. If you want to add a single file or several files from one folder you can click Add Files button. If you want to add all docs from a given folder you can click the Add Folder button.

Note: you can control which files are being loaded when using the Add Folder button by editing the Word Cleaner Settings. You can select the particular file types you want to load into Word Cleaner. You can even use the Any File check box to load all files, but you have to be sure that these files are text format files, otherwise these files will convert to some garbage text.

Screenshot below shows when the Add Files button was used. You can select a range of files by selecting the first file with the left mouse click, then hold Shift button on keyboard and click on file below first one.

To select particular files only, you can hold left Ctrl button on the keyboard.

Below you can see the Word Cleaner window with files added to the conversion list.

You can add files to convert by dragging and dropping them from explorer into Word Cleaner conversion list:

2) Select conversion template, above you can see template ‘Convert to HTML’ being selected. Templates have lots of options allowing users to convert and process HTML. You can find more information about configuring templates here.

3) Click Convert All button or if you want to convert one file only you can click on the radial menu Convert button next to right side end of each file:

4) Once the files are converted you will see the colour changes to green and a green tick icon will show next to radial menu button.

If you click on the radial menu button next to the green tick status icon you can see all options for a given converted file: