Use our powerful conversion system in your applications.

Use our API version to add powerful document conversion and cleaning features to your application.

Download the free trial today and discover our powerful conversion features for yourself. Please note the Word Cleaner command line version is still available.

License: the license is per machine. We do not have a royalty free distribution license. We are happy to give discounts for bulk licenses, contact us for details.

Price: we have also dropped the price of the Command Line/API Version by $200 to only $299, and you get a free copy of Word Cleaner Desktop Business Edition. Buy now…

How to use sample code

WordCleanerApi.WordCleaner wc = new WordCleanerApi.WordCleaner("serial", "email", "code");
wc.ProcessDocumentWithTemplate("input.docx","output.html", "Convert to HTML.wc");

Sample application

Please download sample application for Visual Studio 2010/2013 with C# source code to see how easy it is to use Word Cleaner API: