We are pleased to release Word Cleaner 7.5. This is a free upgrade for any version 7 users. To update just download and install the latest trial version.

What’s new:

  • Dramatically faster conversion on machines with multi-core processors: If your computer has a multicore processor (most modern computers are) Word Cleaner will use all the cores for faster processing when bulk converting. If you have a dual core processor bulk conversions will be up to twice as fast, if you have a quad core processor they will be up to 4 times faster, if you have 8 core processor they will be up to 8 times faster etc. This feature is only in the Desktop Business Edition and Command Line version. It is not in the Standard Desktop Edition. You can upgrade from Standard to Business here.
  • The templates path/folder can now be set by the user: the default location is still the Templates folder but you can now choose your own location if you wish. So for example the templates could be on a shared folder or even a Dropbox/Onedrive folder. In the command line version the user can specify the old way “Template name” or relative/absolute template paths “SomeFolder\Template name.wc”
  • We can now show page numbers in table of content links: although web pages do not have page numbers like print, many users were putting user manuals and other documents online. and requested this feature to help them keep their references. Use our default Apollo Conversion Engine for this feature. 
  • Shapes/text boxes with text content will now save as HTML not as an image
  • A new relative font size option when using our built in Apollo Converter
  • Users can now change their HTML lists format (AUTO, TAGS, TEXT)
  • User can now view a generated CSV file in the built in text editor
  • Word Cleaner will now give an audio beep to let you know when a conversion is finished

We rely on users for suggestions on how we can improve Word Cleaner. If you have feedback please email it to use at: info@wordcleaner.com