We are pleased to release Word Cleaner 7. For version 7 we have completely rebuild Word Cleaner to make it the fastest and easiest to use version yet.

A common user complaint was that they found all the options in Word Cleaner a bit overwhelming. For version 7 we have completely rebuild the interface to make it extremely easy to use. Don’t worry all the great Word Cleaner features are still there but in a easier to use package.

Watch the overview video below: | Upgrade now to Word Cleaner 7… | Download a free trial of Word Cleaner 7…

What’s new in Word Cleaner 7:

New simpler interface – the same great power but now easier to use.

HTML 5 support – we now support the latest HTML 5 standards. You can still choose XHTML or HTML 4 if you prefer.

Auto-convert – simply add a file to Word Cleaner (or drag and drop it) and your file will be instantly converted.

Cleaner code – version 7 gives you the cleanest code possible. On average code is now 10-20% cleaner.

Faster – we have further optimised the conversion time. On average conversions are now 15-30% faster.

New replace header/footer feature – got your own custom templates? With Word Cleaner 7 it is easy to change the header and footer sections to your own code.

New HTML before/after tags feature – need to add tracking code before the </body> tag? No problem with Word Cleaner 7 you can add code before or after any tag of your choice.

Upgrade now to Word Cleaner 7… | Download a free trial of Word Cleaner 7…

Note: for previous Word Cleaner Pro version users you can upgrade to Business. Business is the new name for the Pro version.

As well as the overview video above check out this quick start video that walks you through the features of Word Cleaner 7: