We are pleased to announce the release of Word Cleaner 7.0.1. Any existing v7 desktop or server users can upgrade for free. Just download the free trial version to update.

New features:

PDF to HTML conversion: To use this feature you need to have MS Word 2013 installed. We link into Word to convert from PDF then we apply our clean up routines on the code. We have added two new templates to support this feature:

  1. Convert PDF to HTML with Word 2013
  2. Convert PDF to HTML with Word 2013 and remove formatting

If there is the demand we can add PDF support to our built in converter. If this is something of interest to you do contact us.

More control over renaming files: We have moved the file renaming controls to the template level to give you greater flexibility. We have also added new file renaming options. File renaming lets you remove spaces and other characters from your input file names to make them web friendly.


You can now control if you want to change the case eg About US.doc becomes about-us.html. You can also enter what character you want to use to replace spaces in file names, it can be a dash, underscore, whatever you like.

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Added code to fix a cross references bug in split html by tag or page
  • Bug fix for html files input and getting metadata from raw files
  • Fixed a bug with the Word addin in Office 2013 and Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug with the default selected template in the Word addin
  • Changed the start menu icon order so users do not select uninstall by mistake

If you find a bug or you have a feature suggestion for Word Cleaner do contact us.