We are pleased to release Word Cleaner 7.6.1. This is a free upgrade for any version 7 users. To update just download and install the latest trial version.

What’s new?

  • Bug fix: We had a bug with the Multi-thread processor conversion option. This has been fixed.

  • New Feature: Regex find/replace with count to match x number of occurrences template commands:
    // replace first 3 <p tags with <p class=”xxx”
    replace_text_count(‘<p’,'<p class=”xxx”‘,’3’);

    // delete first <p…>… </p> tag with any inner content

    // find <div> … </div> tags in html and replace first 3 <p>…</p> tags by leaving only inner html of these <p> tags
    find_and_replace_regexp_text_count(‘<div[^<>]*>.*?</div>’, ‘<p[^<>]*>(.*?)</p>’,’$1′,’3′);

  • New Feature: Apollo engine can convert legacy form controls to input form html controls – new option in templates called ‘Convert legacy form fields (controls) to text’.

  • New Feature: rewritten code for text to urls in apollo, query part will match more chars now, also it will match urls with  and/or without protocols (http/ftp etc) or with www. prefix only, also if text link has $$$ at the end query part can have any char besides new line

  • New Feature: remote images conversion check (/vi security check option in WC Component)

  • New Feature: log debug info to log file (conversion diagnostics) fixes and exit code fixes in WC Component for Windows

  • New Feature: error logging with log4net in WC Desktop fixes

We rely on users for suggestions on how we can improve Word Cleaner. If you have feedback please email it to use at: info@wordcleaner.com