Command Line Support

With Word Cleaner you can convert documents via command line, shell scripts or from any external application. You can use templates that are shipped with Word Cleaner or create your own custom templates that meet all your requirements.

In the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\WordCleaner7\ you will see a file called WordCleaner7.exe, this is the command line application that have to be used to convert documents.

In Windows command line mode typing: WordCleaner7.exe /h will give you the list of options:


Command line usage:
WordCleaner7.exe /f file|folder [/t template] [/q] [/r] [/o folder] [/of output_file_name.html] [/h] [/ctc] [/kw]

Parameter List (Please see Word Cleaner Settings dialog for more options):
/f “Your document.docx” or “Folder name” – Required file name or folder to convert (works with /r option), example: \”C:\\Input\” (do not add last \\ char if you enclose folder name in quotes)
/t “Convert to HTML” – Optional template name, by default template that is selected in Word Cleaner will be used
/q – Optional, Quiet mode – no output command line information
/r – Optional, Include Sub-Folders
/o “Output directory”- Optional output directory – by default input file directory will be used
/of “Output file name.html” – Optional output file name – by default input file name will be used
/h – Optional, shows this help information
/ctc – Optional, copy converted html to clipboard
/kw – Optional, keep Word instance running on Word Cleaner process exit

Usage Examples:
Example 1 – convert Example.doc with “Convert to HTML” template to the current folder:
WordCleaner7.exe /t “Convert to HTML” /f Example.doc

Example 2 – convert all supported files from the Docs folder with the template called “Convert to HTML5” to “d:\” folder:
WordCleaner7.exe /r /t “Convert to HTML5” /o d:\ Docs

Example 3 – convert Example.doc with template called “Convert to HTML”  to “c:\” folder with “test .txt” file name:
WordCleaner7.exe /o c:\ /of test.txt /t “Convert to HTML” /f Example.doc

Example 4 – convert Example.doc with “Convert to HTML” template to current folder, no command line messages will be shown:
WordCleaner7.exe /q /t “Convert to HTML” /f Example.doc

Please note if you want to run WordCleaner7.exe from any script or app you have to have full path to WordCleaner7.exe as well as full paths to input/output documents that you want to convert.

Example command on x64 bit Windows would be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\WordCleaner7\WordCleaner7.exe” /t “Convert to HTML” /f “D:\Docs\Example.doc”


Keep Word Instance Running

In the settings screen you will find this option:

If you tick this option Word Cleaner will not shut down the MS Word instance running after Word Cleaner exits (ends its process). Basically if you use the command line, and you are using the MS Word Engine tick this option (Word Cleaner will convert documents faster this way).