Frequently Asked Questions

The formatting is not right or content is missing?

Please try converting both with the internal conversion engine and using Word to convert. This option is in the Template Overview settings:

What conversion engine should I use?

There are two conversion engines to choose from. Our built in Apollo Engine should cover 99% of your needs but we also offer you the option to convert with Word. The Word option is useful if you have problems converting specific content but always try the Apollo engine first.

Note how the symbols represent the different conversion engines:

Apollo is the sun and Word is a big W.

So which one should I use? Our advice is to try the Word Cleaner (Apollo) engine first (it should cover most needs), then MS Word. The table below covers the key areas of difference. The table only shows areas of difference. Features that work across all conversion engines like XHTML support are not listed to keep things simple. Assume anything not listed below will work across all engines.

Conversion Engines – Quick Comparison    
Feature Apollo MS Word
UL/OL formatted lists yes simple lists only
MS Word needs to be installed no yes
Inline CSS yes no
Header and Footer yes, user can control it no
Image ATL and Description (title) yes, only alt yes, all + description
Convert PDF to HTML no yes, Word 2013 only


I want to replace <b> with <strong>, or <i> with <em>

All you need to do is tick the option in the easy template editor main screen:

Can I convert Open Office .odt files?

You sure can. For best results use the Apollo conversion engine. If you have MS Word 2007 or above on your machine you should also be able to use the MS Word conversion engine.

How to disable auto renaming of files

One of the cool features of Word Cleaner is the ability to automatically rename output files to make them web friendly.

For example if your Word file is called Contact Us.doc Word Cleaner will rename the converted file to contact-us.html

To make them web friendly we change spaces to dashes and convert uppercase letters to lowercase. We also give you control over what character you want to use to replace spaces. You can also select if you want the case changed to lowercase or uppercase.

If you do not want this feature you can disable it in the template settings screen:

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