Guide to the Main Screen

When you launch Word Cleaner you will see that we try to keep the interface simple.

Main Word Cleaner Window:

  • Add Files button: click this button to browse for a file to convert. Note: in the open files window you can choose the file types you want to be selected.
  • Add Folder button: click this button to select a folder and convert/clean all the files in the folder. Note: in Word Cleaner Settings you can turn off/on the option to scan for particular file types or sub folders.
  • Convert All button: clicking this will start the conversion process and convert all files in the list.
  • Clipboard button: clicking this converts the content in your clipboard with the current selected template. It will create paste the converted data back to the clipboard and it will create output files on the converted files list. For example you go to Word, select a paragraph of text, you open Word Cleaner, you click the clipboard icon. Word Cleaner will convert the selected paragraph to HTML and put it into your clipboard ready for pasting into a CMS or whatever.
  • Templates Dropdown List (below top buttons): this is where you select the template that you want to use for the conversion.
  • Manage Templates Button (the right side of templates dropdown): this is where you can create, edit, duplicate, rename, delete, and import templates.
  • Edit file in editor button: clicking on this button will open the selected converted file in Word Cleaner internal HTML editor or selected editor that is set in the Default HTML Editor tab in Word Cleaner Settings.
  • Open file folder button: clicking on this button will open the folder that contains the converted file in windows explorer.
  • View in browser button: clicking on this button will open the selected converted file in your default browser.

Files To Convert List:

This is where you can see and manage all files you are converting and the status of the conversion.

  • File name renaming: Word Cleaner will automatically create a web friendly html file name based on your document file name, as spaces in html file names can cause problems. So ‘About us.doc’ will become ‘about-us.html’.  If your word file had spaces in the name Word Cleaner will replace them with a dash (-) or your own specified replacement character instead (it can be defined in Template Overview).

Note: You can also change the default converted file name by double clicking on the converted file name, and entering your own file name.



Conversion status – converted files will have a green tick beside them. Files that did not convert will show a red cross.


File options radial menu: you can click on any file in the list circle button and show a range of common commands as shown in the screen grab above.

  • Convert – convert the selected file only.
  • Browser View – this will show you the converted file in your default browser.
  • Edit – preview and edit the converted file HTML code in the Word Cleaner internal HTML editor or with your own editor that you can specify in the settings section (top of main window).
  • To Clipboard – it will copy the converted file html to the clipboard ready for pasting into another application.
  • Delete – removes the selected document from files list.
  • Open Folder
    1. If the file has not been converted it will open the folder on your computer that contains the source document.
    2. If the file has been converted it will open up the location of the converted file. This is normally the same location as the input file but you can specify a direct output folder in the template settings.