How to convert Word Files to HTML files

There are four ways of doing this:

 1: Converting one file at a time

Open up the Word Cleaner program. Click on ‘Add Files’ button and from the dialog box that opens select the Word file that you wish to convert and click on OK. The file will be added to the list of files to be converted. If you wish you can click on ‘Add Files’ again to select another file to be added to the conversion list. Once you have selected all the files you wish to convert, you will now need to select the template you want to use for the conversion.

Remember you can show only specific file types by selecting from the drop down file type list. See screengrab below:

2: Convert an entire directory

This option allows you to select an entire directory and Word Cleaner will convert all the files within it. Just open the program and click on the ‘Add Folder’ and then browse to the folder you want to choose. Once you have selected the folder click OK to add all files to the list. You can filter particular types in Word Cleaner settings in Add Folder options.


3: Convert a file from within Word

Word Cleaner inserts a button into Microsoft Word. If you don’t see the button please verify that you’ve installed Word Cleaner MS Word Add-in first. You can select the template you want and click on Convert button – it will launch the Word Cleaner program behind the scenes and convert the document you have opened in Word.

4: Right click on a file conversion – copy to clipboard

A great new feature of Word Cleaner is the ability to right click on a file, click ‘Convert to clipboard…’ and Word Cleaner will automatically convert the file and paste the contents into the clipboard ready to be pasted into another app or CMS. The right click shows your currently selected Word Cleaner template and supports up to three favourite templates. You can set the templates to use in the Word Cleaner settings.