Updating old templates

If you had a version of Word Cleaner before 4.5 and you want to import your templates to the new version, please note all settings are now at the template level, not the global level. What this means is these settings are now at the template level:

  • General options: convert to xhtml, plain text conversion, convert urls & emails to links, clean MS word html.
  • Images: what image formats to convert to
  • CSS: you can have internal, linked or no CSS.
  • Page splitting: split a converted file into several html files
  • Output folders: select where you want to place converted files and images
  • Delete tags/attributes: remove code to suit your needs.
  • Find and replace:  find specific code and change it to suit.
  • Encoding: select the input and output encoding formats – UTF8, ANSI, ASCII
  • Metadata: insert and control meta tags such as title, author, subject, keywords.
  • Comments/description: write a description of the template to remind you of changes.

We have made templates easier to use, most options now can be selected by ticking options.

Updating templates is very easy.

All you need to do is edit the old template, set the options above, then click save. That’s all 🙂