We are pleased to release the latest version of Word Cleaner. This is a free update for any v7 users. The desktop and server versions have all been updated.

What’s new?

New auto image output type option: before you had to select 1 images format, e.g. all images could only be exported to one image format like jpg. Now it if you set the image output type to Auto you can have mixed image file formats on output. For example if your doc contains photos in jpg format and charts In png  format, when the doc get converted to HTML Word Cleaner will export the jpg images as jpg and the png as pngs. This should ensure better image quality.

Jpg images it will save as jpg, gif/png/bmp/wmf will save as png.


Improvements to the Word Addin Bar: we added a start Word Cleaner button added to the Word Addin Bar. We now also display a notification message when a conversion has been completed from the addin bar.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where by when you went full screen the template radial menu was cut off.
  • Fixed a bug in the split per page feature
  • Fix for \ char issue in complex relative images path
  • Updated the internal engine (Apollo) to improve conversion
  • We have simplified the command line options. Were possible you should try to set all options at the template level.
  • Cleaned up some sections in the template management screen to make them easier to understand
  • Fixed a bug with selecting a template after creating a new one
  • Fixed a bug in the Clipboard conversion code
  • Fixed PDF documents filtering when loading files from a folder

You can download the new version from the free trial page.

To upgrade the desktop version just download and install the free trial version.

To upgrade the server version just download the free trial, extract the folder and overwrite the existing contents of the server folder. Make sure you do not delete the existing license  file in the folder.