We are pleased to announce the release of Word Cleaner 7.0.3. Any existing v7 desktop or server users can upgrade for free. Just download the free trial version to update.

Full list of changes

  • added a button in the Help menu to open a ticked on our support site
  • removed the 10 file limit in the trial
  • new feature in the command line options (/isd) and desktop program to include sub folders in output path for recurse folder file loading
  • removed /anyfile, /log, /stdout options info from help in Word Cleaner desktop command line, these options are from Word Cleaner ┬áserver
  • fixed a bug were embedding images for a big html file would give Out of memory exception errors
  • console buffer error in command line fix – /nb switch added to turn off buffer setting
  • fixed an issue with templates with remove formatting option, issue with delete_all_empty_tags() and <a> tags in html
  • cmd line loading Word Cleaner UI settings issue fixed
  • update output folders help information to let you know that you can paste folders into the template management window
  • fixed the help information for the templates command button in the Advanced Template Editor
  • fixed file name modification in WC main UI files list

If you find a bug or you have a feature suggestion for Word Cleaner do contact us.