We are pleased to release Word Cleaner 7.6. This is a free upgrade for any version 7 users. To update just download and install the latest trial version.

What’s new:

  • advanced first find and find/replace feature, added buttons to let you move the order of items up/down
  • New feature: add tag attributes in easy editor mode. Lets you add attributes to a specific tag
  • New feature: custom CSS styles tab section (moved text field custom CSS to separate tab), lets you add your own CSS styles in an easy to use syntax editor

Other changes

  • bug fix for the Save text boxes as HTML option, this option is turned off by default now due to issues with advanced text boxes
  • fixes for the WC Word add in: once you hit the “convert to clipboard” button the correct confirmation message now appears. Also fixed the convert message when document is not saved.
  • new template command eg: delete_all_css_styles_excluding(‘color;margin’); – it will keep only color and margin css style rules and delete all others
  • numbering start value for split file names
  • Template Management window is now separate so you don’t need to close it before going back to the main screen. This means you can get the main window and the template editor open at the same time
  • Save Template button visible on Easy Editor tab
  • users can now disable the message box confirmation when saving template
  • split by tag code update, now selecting for instance h3 will split by h1 then by h2 and then by h3 tag
  • option in settings to disable multithreaded conversion in WC desktop and /st option for command line versions
  • fixed issue with images and doc file names starting with digits
  • fixed issue with image bullet list, now image is shown OK
  • fixed ‘); quote issue in template complex commands
  • reading custom doc properties that can be used in template
  • many minor internal conversion improvements …

We rely on users for suggestions on how we can improve Word Cleaner. If you have feedback please email it to use at: info@wordcleaner.com