Word Cleaner compared to saving as HTML in MS Word

Just how good is Word Cleaner? Try converting our sample file to find out for yourself.


examplefile (1)


How to test Word Cleaner yourself:

The files used in this test:

(To download files right click on the link and select save as…)

Notes on the testing:

What about code validation?
Word Cleaner gives you clean valid code as standard. If you test the example file with http://validator.w3.org/  you will see Word Cleaner has no errors. The MS Word filtered HTML file has 25 errors and 2 warnings.

What about Word filtered HTML?
Word does give you an option to save files as filtered HTML. This will reduce the HTML file size but Word Cleaner still has the following advantages:

  • Word is exported to HTML 4, Word Cleaner can export to HTML 4, xHTML or HTML 5
  • Word Cleaner gives you full control over images, CSS, page splitting etc
  • Word Cleaner indents your code and formats it

I want to remove all formatting from the HTML
If you want really clean HTML select the template ‘Convert to HTML and  remove formatting’ this will give you an amazing file size of only 40KB for the example file.

What about images?
There are images in this document but these are not counted as part of the HTML size as they are separate files. But Word Cleaner does optimise image files about 50% better than MS Word. Word Cleaner can also save images as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. You can also change image quality and size and even embed images into the HTML code.